Custom Domains

Learn How to Use Custom Domains to Get the Most Out of Your Account 3 minutes read

This article will explain the advantages of having your own custom domains on and the steps needed to set them up.

What is Custom Domain?

A custom domain is a purchased domain unique to you or your company. These types of domains are ideal when creating your marketing page on Dentist.Link. For instance, if you're a dentist in Dallas, Texas, you might have already purchased and want to make a link marketing page with it.

Why use a custom domain for additional link marketing pages on Dentist.Link?

There are many reasons to use custom domains, together with Dentist.Link premium domains to market your company.


Branding is perhaps the most important reason to purchase custom domains. Branding leaves little room for consumers to have to decipher what your company is about because it's right there in your domain.  

Have you purchased the perfect custom domain (, for example) but have not yet set up a website? You can quickly and easily establish an internet presence using the Dentist.Link link marketing pages. Get started marketing you and your dental practice today!

Or maybe you have a functional website promoting your dental practice and simply want to continue branding yourself. For your link marketing pages, you will use a subdomain, possibly

Additional Promotion

Quality backlinks are essential in SEO to improve search engine results. Higher search engine results are directly related to the number of quality backlinks available. Every link page provides valuable backlinks that point to your main site. These link marketing pages give consumers a quick and easy method to reach you. Not to mention, they act like mini promotional websites solidifying your brand and boosting your SEO.

How can I create and use Custom Domains on Dentist.Link?

It's as easy as 1-2-3. Follow this 3-step process to begin with your custom domains on Dentist.Link.

Step 1

Add your custom domain to your Dentist.Link Account.

At the top-right corner of your dashboard, locate the profile dropdown. Then scroll down and click on "custom domains."

To start a new custom domain, click "Create."

The IP or CNAME record information will pop up in a modal box. Copy this information and keep it safe. You will need this for your registrar to point your new custom domain to Dentist.Link.  

Add your custom domain name into the Domain or Subdomain box. This domain is the URL address you want to access your links with Dentist.Link.

Next, type the intended index page URL address into the "Custom Index URL" box. Use this URL address to direct site traffic should the web user only type your main domain name (i.e., In this example, the "services" Dentist.Link page ( is used; however, the direction depends on what you want to display to consumers. You can also use alternate options like "Home" or "About Us."

Then, type the intended 404-page URL address into the "Custom 404 not found URL" box. This will act as a redirect when web users land on the not found page of the domain.

Now, click on "Create." Your custom domain is ready for use and added to your Dentist.Link account. 

Find your new custom domain name on your dashboard.

Your Dentist.Link link pages now have access to the new custom domain, found in the dropdown menu.

The custom domain is not functional (even though it's visible) until you have completed steps 2 and 3.

Step 2

Point your custom domain name's CNAME records to Dentist.Link

Log into your domain name registrar account to do this. Follow the instructions of your registrar. Here are links to a few of the better-known domain registrars where you can modify CNAME records.

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Namecheap
  4. Dynadot

Google "change CNAME Record at X" if you don't see your registrar above.

Step 3

Contact Us to Complete the Setup

Contact us at [email protected] and include your "Username" and "Custom Domain Name" that you wish to be added to your account.

From that point, we will verify the DNS, add SSL security for your domain, connect it, and check its function. To verify compliance with our terms of service, we will screen all custom domains before they are made live.

Have questions?

We're here for you! Reach out with questions regarding the setup of your custom domain.

Last updated on: 24 June, 2021