Scan Your Dental Practice Location

Scan Your Dental Practice Location


Can Your Patients Find Your Dental Practice?


If your patients don't know where you are or can only find incorrect contact information, they cannot come to your dental practice.

To be successful online, you must ensure all your digital information is accurate. It's vital to be certain that your contact and location details are exact throughout all local online directories.

Luckily, LOCALSYNC includes a scanning tool to scan your dental practice location. Then compares it to over 60+ local directories ensuring your office info is accurate.

In addition, the LOCALSYNC scanning tool also assesses your dental practice website, social media profiles, along with additional metrics to give you a good understanding of the way you (and your company) are performing online.


On top of that, it is FREE!


Stop losing patients now and discover out how your dental practice is performing online.

Last updated on: 26 June, 2021