Premium Domains

Learn more about how to use premium dental domains to promote your link pages. 3 minutes read

What are Dentist Link domains, and how can I use them? is a great place to start. But what if you needed something more distinct to market you or your dental practice online? has your back. Your premium subscription also includes several premium domain names related to the dental industry, which you can use for your link pages.

Here are some examples applying premium domains

Let's take "Orthodontist" for instance. Imagine a page called "Orthodontist" that contains all your Orthodontia service links. premium also includes "" as a domain! To promote orthodontia service listings, you can also have an page.

Another use could be service-specific. For example, if you specialize in youth braces, you could create an orthodontist page called "" for marketing.

What are the available Premium Domain Names?

The below domain names, in addition to, are available with your premium subscription at the moment:

Are you a Doctor of Dental Medicine? Then is an ideal premium dental domain for you. You can use for self-promotion should you want to join a new practice or sell yourself to a potential partner.

How about setting up an page for post-treatment care procedure? This way, you only have one link, possibly per treatment, that's easily forwarded to your client or their referring dentist.

Orthodontia is a sector of the dental industry where potential patients want to see before and after pictures. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, why not create an premium dental domain for quick access to all these pictures. is a perfect premium domain should your practice focus on children's dentistry. You could easily create a "before your first visit" page for new parents to consult, preparing them for a smooth appointment.

Do you specialize in the treatment and prevention of gum disease? Check out the premium domain Here you can provide clients (and referring dentists) all your practice information with one link.

Similar to Orthodontia, prosthetic dentistry relies heavily on a person's post-treatment appearance. Why not utilize the premium domain to create an all-inclusive page of services with before and after photos.

How to Use a Premium Domain?

To use premium domains, you will need a Premium or Pro account. After you have registered, go to your dashboard and click "Create Project."

Next, enter a project name and assign a project color, if preferred. Then click on "create."

Now that you have your Sample Project, it's time to start a new page. If you have an existing page, you can also edit it here. First, click on the hashtag to "View link pages."

Then, click on "Create Link," selecting the "Dentist Link Page" from the dropdown menu.

After you select, a pop-up will appear where you can create a new page.

You also have the opportunity here to view and select from any of our available domains by clicking on the dropdown menu.

In this instance, "" is selected. Following the domain, enter your preferred text and click on "Create Page."

You new page is now ready for your business details and customizations.